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The Sue Anderson and Susan Kuhn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Two of the special hearts of the Fresno Hemophilia Auxiliary were Sue Anderson and Susan Kuhn. Together, they created education programming, Christmas parties, and community events to bring fun and education to those affected with bleeding disorders. It is fitting that they are named together on this scholarship!

Sue Anderson was born November 23, 1945 and grew up in Pleasant Hill, CA. In 1976 Sue gave birth to JT, a severe factor IX hemophiliac. At the time of her sons diagnosis treatment for hemophilia was still considered somewhat primitive and unrefined, leading Sue on an endless quest for knowledge.

Sue served for 37 years as the Secretary and Assistant to some of the top investment brokers in the Central Valley at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter. She was infamous for her glowing personality at Dean Witter, offering a light hearted and fun approach to the world of financial management. Sue married her best friend and soul mate Jim Anderson, and along with JT they had another son Scott in 1972 who is not a hemophiliac. As a couple, Jim and Sue have always symbolized family values as well as hard work and determination. Jim and Sue were married for 42 years before Sue passed away in November 2008.

Sue is well known in the Central Valley for founding the Fresno Hemophilia Auxiliary. With the help of her dear friends, Mark Helm, Susan Kuhn, and Marta Terray, Sue and the Fresno Auxiliary have been able to reach a large percentage of families affected by hemophilia in the Central Valley and help them manage this disease with professional and community support.

Susan’s hemophilia journey began when she met and married her husband, Bill Kuhn in the early 1960s. They raised two children in Fresno (an affected daughter, Victoria and an unaffected son, Robert). As a fierce advocate, she taught her family and everyone around her to embrace their bleeding disorder in the manner best for them. When Bill went to his first HTC appointment at LA Orthopaedic in 1976, she was her daughter’s control when her Factor VIII level was first measured.

She devoted herself to helping and serving others, especially the bleeding disorders, LGBTQI, AIDS/HIV outreach, and faith communities. When she couldn’t attend events, she participated in other ways. When her daughter attended the Women’s March in Washington DC in 2017, she virtually marched. She stuffed tens of thousands of envelopes, wrapped presents for many Fresno Auxiliary Christmas parties, organized the chapter’s summer Blackbeard’s event, and made copious numbers of phone calls on behalf of many organizations.

Susan was proud to be a Mom and Grammy and freely shared her talents. An adept knitter, Grammy loved spending time teaching her granddaughter, Grace to knit. With her oldest grandson, August, she encouraged his artistic creativity and pursuits of photography, drawing and music. She was her youngest grandson’s (William) biggest supporter while he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and raising money for people with bleeding disorders in developing countries. Susan made many visits to the New England area where her children and grandchildren live and together, they ate many lobsters, crabs, and other seafood!

As an amazing force of nature, Susan loved and laughed big, was a talented cook (especially her orange twists), and respected people and creatures (though she did not care for spiders at all!).

Our sweet Mum led with her heart in all she did. She was a total badass, filled with compassion and high expectations for herself and others. She was determined to build a better world through her volunteer efforts and her deliberate giving. This scholarship with Mrs Anderson is a terrific way to remember and savor our Mom’s gifts and talents.

In honor of Sue and Susan, and their heartfelt community and volunteer spirit, the surviving family members are requesting that the recipient of the Sue Anderson and Susan Kuhn Memorial Scholarship Fund donate a small portion of their time by volunteering with the HFNC at two events of your choice. This will not only help the hemophilia community, but will also instill a sense of community involvement in the recipient of this scholarship.

Provides a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education.

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