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HFNC supports provides funds to community members in need through our Emergency Assistance Program (EAP).  HFNC gives out about $20,000 in emergency financial assistance every year.  Families receiving emergency financial assistance must live within our service area of 20 counties.  Patients will need to have a letter written by an HTC social worker describing the need and provide financial information.  Payments from our EAP fund are made directly to businesses, landlords, and other vendors.  

Please contact your local HTC to inquire about the HFNC's EAP process.  


If community members are in need if additional financial support we often refer them to the Hemophilia Federation of America's (HFA) Helping Hands Program.

"Helping Hands" aids families with urgent funding to assist in crisis situations. The program provides basic living expenses. Please see link below for more information.

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