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2019 HFNC Needs Assessment Survey

Dear Valued Community Member: The mission of HFNC is to provide members of the bleeding disorders community in Northern California with education, advocacy, support and community programs. We are here for you! It is important to us to make sure that the programs we offer are what you and your family actually need and want. Please help us make that happen in 2020 by filling out this brief Needs Assessment. 



What are the HFNC programs and services that you and/or your family members have attended or received in the past 2 years
Which of these programs did you most enjoy? What did you like about them?
Which of these programs did you least enjoy? What was the reason?
What programs or services do you wish that HFNC would offer?
What is important to you when deciding whether to attend an HFNC program? (Check all that apply)
My family prefers events on
What might prevent you from attending an HFNC program? (Check all that apply)
Which of the following topics would you be interested in learning more about at an event? (Check all that interest you)
I am a (please check all that apply)
What city/town do you live in?

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